Prodigee Web Development - Intermediate



This comprehensive web development course is designed to take learners from beginner to advanced level in creating responsive and dynamic websites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other essential web technologies. In this course, learners will gain a solid understanding of web development principles, including website layout, design, and functionality. The course begins by covering the basics of HTML and CSS, including how to create web pages, add text, images, and styling. Learners will then dive into JavaScript, learning how to use it to create interactive web pages and handle user input. Throughout the course, learners will work on real-world projects, putting their newly acquired skills to the test. They will learn how to develop responsive websites that work on all devices and how to optimize their sites for search engines. By the end of this course, learners will be able to create professional-level websites and have the knowledge and skills to pursue a career in web development.

Duration: 24:21:20

Enroll By: 7/21/2024

Price: $299.00


We dive into the beginning of the web and its fundamentals.