Why Teamwork is a 21st Century Core Skill

Teamwork produces growth, without adequate teamwork there is no absolute or proper
efficiency. Teamwork over the years have proven to be the way. King David even had mighty
men, no great man ever did it by himself. Steve Jobs the founder of Apple Inc had a team.
Teamwork is vital to the success of all businesses. There’s multiple ways of defining teamwork,
with most definitions focusing on a group of people working together efficiently and effectively
towards a common goal. Many jobs cannot be done without teamwork, and many organizations
cannot perform without it. Teamwork from my perspective could be compared to the wisdom of
the ant, it is fair to say it is important and its benefit are countless.
Business, growth and organization are associated with risk taking. Many businesses rely on risk
taking, and employees who work alone are understandably concerned about risk taking, as if an
idea implodes they alone have to take the blame. This in turn can prevent employees from
sharing potentially ground-breaking ideas. Therefore, if you can provide the foundations for a
team to work together when taking risks, praise and blame is also spread between the team.
Furthermore this sense of shared success benefits internal communication.
Division of labour is very essential in teamwork and in the long run brings about growth since
every individual is made to work at a particular stage of the production process. Smaller tasks
require less time and effort to complete, so working in a team cuts down the workload
The importance of teamwork in the workplace also reflects on individuals. By collaborating with
others in your team, you can pick up knowledge of their skill set, and you can further learn from
to build your own skill set. This provides you with the prospect of building your professional
network with alliances that can potentially lead to bigger and better opportunities.
Teamwork brings together individuals from a vast plethora of backgrounds, who have access to
different experiences, which creates a very fertile ground for brainstorming and creative problem
solving. Teamwork can allow employees to have a helping hand over hurdles and to produce
creative solutions to problems.
Better quality of produce, services and customer satisfaction are acquire through teamwork, a
number of ideas and creativity are birth forth. As proven by science great ideas don't come from
lone geniuses. This therefore boosts productivity and growth.

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