Technology the GameChanger

In a fast paced world where, research into commercial space travel is seeing the light of day, working from home is made possible, the impact of technology on the society cannot be overemphasized.
Technology is knowledge used in different tools, techniques and systems to solve problems to make them easier or better. Come along as we look at what technology has improved over the past decades.
Healthcare; Advances have been made where as far back in 1990 the United States of America pioneered the Human genome project (sequencing and mapping the human genetic code) worth three billion dollars, In modern day, sequencing a genome cost just about three thousand dollars. Genomic medicine is transforming our understanding of human body’s components, disease tracking, detection and cure, if possible which safeguard many against diseases like cancer, diabetes, Covid19 and stroke.
Education through the use of E-learning is more dependent on innovation than on formal college certificate where normal value of one’s knowlege is based on what you create and not how many degrees you hold, now facilitated by technologies available and with more people on the internet than never before,
Virtual reality technology and Artificial Intelligence applications extend into our daily lives creating more engaging and customizable and effective learning experiences like Cynthia Breazeal at Massashusettes Institute of Technology, designing social robots which are helping kids to learn, improving education of education in the near future.
The Use of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence; In 2015, Google’s deep mine software
taught itself to play 15 classic games including pacman. This explains that objects which have
been properly fed with data, trained to study human behavior can be made to think for themselves
and perform basic to complex daily tasks smoothly with little human interference. This also brings 
to the picture, Internet of Things (IOT); everything we use, both indoors and outdoors is
gradually getting on the internet, from our fridges to home security systems. With Google studying
behavior with user data, Facebook learning our preferences, asking Siri to find us nearby places to
eat are all proceeds of Artificial Intelligence.
Drone Technology; Research has unearthed devices like Unarmed Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) which
are used in everyday non-military tasks like photography, journalism, irrigation and Amazon’s use
for delivery. They are also employed in agriculture for irrigation, monitoring soil nature, wildlife
surveillance. Drones are also employed in the delivery of emergency aid for victims of emergency
health conditions. In recent times law enforcement agencies are also using them for patrol.
Safer Working and Learning Environments, These are enhanced by the use of Virtual reality,
which affords one the ability to stimulate certain situations without the costs, risks and experience
in real life used to train military forces, driving tests and video games as well. Companies are
using Virtual reality to train employees like ExxonMobil which is using this technology to train
engineers and field workers in the field work processes, which is just the tip of a massive iceberg!
The Sharing Economy has been accelerated where the use of stuff not owned by us has become
popular. Realizing that it is actually cheaper and more efficient to rent something if it is worth
giving up is fast pacing with services like Uber, real estate renting services like Airbnb, Prodigee
career organization in west Africa connecting people to internships and Jobs, today are helping
connect provider to consumers.
The Tech era brings with it some downsides which are mostly human mediated and can be
controlled. A few examples include; spending little time with ourselves, thus change in behavioral
pattern of the individual. Addiction to some devices may impact our health negatively and
encourages sedentary lifestyles. Cybersecurity is of essence to especially with people sharing big
and sensitive data over the internet.
Raymond Kuekey.

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