The Buzz on UI/UX worth it?

The buzz about UI/UX design, is it worth it?


With the sudden influx of people wanting to get into tech roles or switch to work full-time in tech. The most common question people ask is, “what tech job can I do where I don’t code?”. To many the answers have been, “get into UI/UX design”. It is beautiful how this industry is getting such recognition but it wasn’t so some years back. The constantly changing industry has created a demand for designers and I believe it is a good time for most people to get involved.


I can state that it is pretty obvious the attention the UI/UX design industry is getting lately. With their careers being listed as part of the top ten most promising tech careers. However, very good designers are in short supply and there some reasons that can be associated to this:

  1. A novel tech sector in vogue.

In the past decade, we have seen the rate at which technology has rapidly developed. We have also seen the massive increase in users across all forms of tech and software. This makes  it difficult to use the same existing structures to support the experience needs of all these users hence the demand for a variety of great interfaces and better layouts to serve the specific needs of the public. This increase in demand has placed an amount of pressure on web designers which needed to be relieved hence the demand for UI and UX designers. With designers targeting certain aspects of development with so much data from users they can cater to the needs of users both visually and functionally. This has placed most companies in positions where they are constantly recruiting such talents to meet the industry’s growing needs.

  1. A hot prospect on the job market.

The salaries of designers have gained an upward momentum recently. The information age is constantly changing and the importance of UX careers is being realised by most companies. The UX design industry, a new development trend of the internet’s evolution, has become a desired career choice for many who want to work in tech, gain high salaries and do minimum or zero coding in their daily tasks. The pace at which this industry is developing has created a strong demand in personnel, and with this wide range of employment of UX designers leads to an increase in their salaries.

  1. Internet effect

The information era causes the world to be inseparable and as the internet updates swiftly, techs like web apps, mobile games, mobile apps, search and videos can not all be separated from the industry like the UX design industry. The enormous developing needs of the industries have brought a lot of high paying careers such as PHP developers, Cyber Security experts, Java developers and the likes. It seems that all attention has been paid to UI and UX designers. Moreover, good UI and UX designers are in short supply, making their salaries very good and desirable by many.


When getting into UX as a newbie there are many terms and skills which are very novel and arcane to many people. Below are some of the skills full time user experience designers employ in their daily work flow below:


Information Architecture

Visual Design

User Research

Interaction Design



Information Design

Design Management

Editing and Curating



Synthesized Learning

Generative Thinking








With the above listed, some full-time UX designers with close to ten years of experience could argue that they never use some of the skills listed above in their work. This is absolutely true because this industry is fairly new and most “must do principles” are still being worked on by everyone getting in the industry. This would be the best time for anyone who wants to have a long lasting impact in technology to join and be part of the founding voice of people who are currently building this industry.


Will I advise anyone to learn this skill? Absolutely YES! Learning skills in designers does not limit you to one industry due to the rapid changes in this era but also allows you to gain expertise that can be applied to many other industries. You can pivot into any new industry because your skills will be definitely needed. 

By Marcus Kankam

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